Here is where you can really personalize your SpyBot software and its‘ program settings. Take a look at some of features within SpyBot’s settings:

  • By clicking on ‚Schedule‘, decide on when, or how often you would like certain tasks to run. It can be scheduled to run at certain intervals, or as you dictate.
  • ‚Dialogs‘ will show you helpful information regarding the current status, or situation between SpyBot and your computer. Dialogs will also inform you of any change, or alteration in your computer’s status.
  • ‚Portable Browsers‘ is an option in settings where you can manually, or automatically have portable browsers detected and protected through SpyBot.
  • Set up proxy servers to optimize your internet protection.
  • Tighten security by taking advantage of the ‚Download Directories‘ option. This will highlight the specific section as mentioned in the directory, and work with extra scrutiny to keep it clean.
  • Feel more comfortable with all of the features by changing the language preferences.
  • Within the ‚Scope‘ section, select from multiple scan types the ideal scan for your computer and how the heuristic results are displayed in your file scans.
  • Under the ‚Categories‘ section, detect malware or other particular infections such as Trojans or Keyloggers quickly through a speedy and specific scan. Although this is a quick way to to scan your computer when something peculiar occurs, weekly comprehensive scans are recommended.
  • ‚System Integration‘ allows you to disable or enable specific plug-ins or the tray icon within Windows. It will adjust what you see from SpyBot when you turn on and use your computer.
  • Through ‚System Services‘, install or uninstall SpyBot programs and start or stop the Security Center, Scanner or Updating services. Typically these adjustments are for advanced users only.
  • The ‚Browsers‘ category will display a list of all installed browsers scanned for bad entries. These ‚bad entries‘ include browser history and cache, cookies and bookmarks. You can also ignore certain lists, products, items, domains or URLs in your scans by modifying the lists in the Browsers category.